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Telegram Has Released Several New Features.


Telegram, the world’s most popular and secure encrypted messaging app, has added several new features. They showed excitement at the prospect of adding other services to the app this year. 

The upgrade includes additional features that provide users and group/channel owners more control over how the software is used.

Some of the main new features:

Protected Content in Groups and Channels

A new feature that enables Group/channel owners to restrict access to their content to members only. This enables creators to safeguard their content and guarantee it is only accessible to the intended audience.

Delete by date

This enables users to effortlessly delete chat history from a certain day or date range in any one-on-one conversation.

Manage Connected Devices

Users may now use Telegram on many devices simultaneously and have control over where their account is logged in.

Learn more and take a look at the additional features included in the latest Telegram release