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Wireless Carriers Invade Your Privacy Whether You Like It Or Not

Data Privacy

According to a recent study by INC magazine Wireless carriers are unstoppable in their ability to track customers’ activities or anything they do with their phones.

Apple’s privacy measures are ineffective in preventing wireless carriers from monitoring consumers. The carriers can trace all of your cell phone activity to the degree that they will be able to determine your whereabouts regardless of if you opt out of such data sharing.

According to the study, Verizon is one of several companies that will never ask customers’ permission to track their phone’s data activities.

Whichever carrier consumers pick, they will not see the privacy choice, and the device will automatically opt in to allow them to be tracked.

All of this is a huge privacy concern and risk and it doesn’t seem there’ll be any solution coming soon as the information gathered is not just used to make money from users data, but it’s also being used by authorities to spy on every human (with a sim card) on the planet.

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