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5G Signals Put Flying AirPlanes At Risk.

5g Tower

Verizon and AT&T’s mid-band 5G deployment may have an effect on flights in some circumstances, such as when there is low visibility during an airport’s landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is concerned that this 5G rollout may interfere with the landing of thousands of flights, including some helicopters. Pilots will be unable to make use of guided and automated landing systems designed for use in low visibility conditions.

Why may flights be affected?

Airplanes depend on radio altimeters to determine their altitude in order to land safely. The FAA thinks that C-band 5g may interfere with radio altimeters, and that “these restrictions may prevent planes from being dispatched to some places with limited visibility, as well as result in flight diversions.”

While they do not operate on the same frequency band, there is fear that they may cause interference with landing planes.

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