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Be Careful On The Codes You Copied Online; Hackers Are Clever

Programming Codes

The majority of code enthusiasts copy-paste frequently used codes found online. Hackers can covertly replace the contents of what you copied from the web.

Gabriel Friedlander, founder of security awareness training platform Wizer, demonstrated an apparent but surprising hack that will cause you to think twice before copying-pasting commands from the web into your application.

In an article published by Friedlander, he demonstrated how hackers can easily trick victims:

Covertly Code Hack
While the command we copied indicated sudo apt update, the outcomes when pasted into a notepad would astound you.

This is done by the use of the JavaScript code given below, referred to as an event listener:

JavaScript Code

“This is why you should NEVER copy paste commands directly into your terminal,” warns Friedlander.

“This attack is very simple but also very harmful.”

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